Six Significant Things to Know Regarding Auto Transport Insurance

Are you ready to move to your new place, and have contacted the most efficient Dallas movers? Wondering about how to get your car shipped? Well, there are many auto transportation companies that can responsibly ship your vehicle to the desired destination at a reasonable rate. However, many people neglect the fact that the vehicle needs to be properly insured during the shipping. Here are some major points to take into consideration regarding auto transport insurance.

Ask for insurance proof from the shipping company


The law requires all vehicle transport companies to possess an authentic insurance certificate, which they must be ready to show if required. So, just as you enquire about Dallas movers before hiring the most suitable one, make sure to get the details regarding the shipping company’s insurance policy. Learn about the damage covered and whether you need to pay for any deductibles in case of damage.

Put everything on paper

Before you reach any agreement, make sure that all terms and conditions, and other important considerations, are given in writing by the company. This will give you due protection against unforeseen events, especially if you have reached an agreement regarding something that is usually not a part of the contract.

Contact your own auto insurance provider

Depending upon the policy you have taken, your auto insurance company might cover any possible damages cause during transport of the vehicle. However, verify again for the same. Enquire whether ‘shipping’ is covered, and if the hired vehicle shipping company needs to notify anything to your insurance company.

Make sure the vehicle interior has no loose items

Usually car shippers do not offer any coverage for damage to interior items of the vehicle. So, it would be best to take away all the loose items such as CDs, cassettes, electronics from your car interior before your hand over the keys to the shipper. Another important thing to note is that through removal of loose items, the possibility of a break-in theft (usually not covered by vehicle shippers) is greatly reduced.

Inspection before hand over

Prior to accepting the responsibility to shift your vehicle, a representative of the auto transport company will check your vehicle for any existing damage. Try to be present on the spot when the inspection is being performed. It would be a wise thing to take snaps of your car as valid proof of the condition of the vehicle before hand over.

Check before you sign the Bill of Lading

The Bill of Lading needs to be filled by the vehicle owner during the delivery of the vehicle. It is important that you check every part of the vehicle, from the engine to the undercarriage for any damage caused, before signing the document. If it is night time, make sure to check the vehicle under bright lights. Remember that signing the Bill of Lading implies completion of the transfer, and after that there will be no liability on the part of the auto transport company for damages. So, include all damage signs within the Bill of Lading for possible reimbursement.

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