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I think you have to have a reason for doing so besides just to get into an incubator but I do think it can be a really great step and can help up people’s games so do check that out what’s really unique about TechStars is we didn’t write a single line of code for the entire three months not a single one My partner and I and that was different than how the other nine companies are in their business and that’s different Houston Movers. Read more @

Houston Movers

How than how most startups are thought to be run but the reason being is again we area healthcare company the biggest risk is not whether or not we can build the software but whether or not we understand our customers pains and whether or not we can sell it and whether or not the price is right and whether or not our market is right and that is only comped that information is only to your risk through tons and tons of meetings Houston Movers.

So we spent three months almost entirely out of the building talking to people less than their being you know I understand like % of you guys are engineers, I’m an engineer like love the fucking build stuff but oftentimes the startups that’s not the most important thing to be doing so do you think about that finding our billion-dollar niches let me tell you Houston Movers.

Houston Movers

What filament labs does we are building a patient engagement platform and what that means we give health providers tools to track and manage their patients whenever patients are outside of the clinic the patient side is an app the doctor side is a dashboard that tracks and controls the whole experience what is really unique about we do is we have a hyperfocus on certain types of chronic disease Houston Movers.

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