A Priceless Guide for Carrying Valuables during a Move

There are a number of items such as clothes and blankets that you can simply throw in boxes, close and carry. But what do you do with something as expensive as a rare painting or an antique showpiece that your grandfather has gifted you? Well, if you are ready to pay movers, your problem will be solved because they have specialized training as well as resources to pack and carry such items. If you are moving on your own, you need to be extra cautious so that these precious items reach their destination properly. Here are some crucial tips.

Creating an inventory

Even if you cannot document everything you have, you should at least take photographs of the valuable possessions you have and make notes accordingly. This will be of great help if you wish to make a claim again the moving company’s insurance or the homeowner’s insurance you have. The inventory should be created before you avail the assistance of the Dallas movers for packing and organizing the move.

Obtaining insurance

Ensure that every item that is being transported through the moving truck is adequately insured. You might have different types of insurance, including homeowner’s insurance and the add-on insurance coverage provided by your moving company.

Carrying small stuff with you

Do not hand over valuable stuff such as paperwork or jewelry to the movers. Most movers do not want to take the liability of very valuable items, and even if they are liable for the damage, you would never get the original thing back.

Get assistance for big items

Even if you can carry the smaller items with you, packing and moving of big items such as pianos, tables and other furniture requires professional help. Established Dallas movers will have the required equipments such as wooden crates and dollies, which will make the process of moving seamless. So, do proper amount of research and carefully select the moving company.

Make use of the right boxes

This is very important especially if you are shifting heavy or fragile items. You might feel that buying the right box with the proper cushion or padding is expensive, but that is much better than buying your fragile or expensive items all over again. Everything becomes easier if you contact experienced movers. They have specialty boxes that vary from item to item, and can help you according to what you need.

Pack dishes properly

There are high chances that dishes will simply break or shatter into pieces if they are not packed properly. So, make sure that when you are packing dishes, there are numerous layers of paper in between them. Try to fit the box containing dishes near the edge; in this way there are lesser chances of the dishes being broken.

Check for any movement

When you are packing boxes, particularly those containing fragile items, shake them mildly to detect any movements. If you find that the contents are moving, you need to add some extra padding. Note that you should always fill such boxes till the top.

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