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Risks Of Attending Domestic Violence Attorney Tucson

Prohibiting the defendant from having any contact with the victim this is independent of any no contact provisions in a TR o or FR o the no contact bail provision will remain in effect even if the underlying restraining order is dismissed now that you have been assigned to a case the first thing to do is get a copy of the charges against your client you will find your clients charges listed on the complaint CDR to form forward it to you with the assignment.

If you need more information contact the Family Division of the court in which your case was filed the contact information will be on the form you received with your assignment next you should contact your client whose address is listed on the complaint in the event the address listed is incorrect you can contact the Family Division of the court in which the case was filed to get updated information there are times when your client may be incarcerated if the defendant is in jail you will need to make arrangements to meet with your client at the county facility miss.

Roberts you have a domestic violence case against you where you’ve violated a restraining order November rd well yeah I mean it wasn’t really domestic violence I didn’t even see her you should discuss the case with your client including the nature of the charges possible defense and all options while it is preferable this meeting take place before the court date it is common for it to take place at the first court hearing after you contact your client you should request discovery from the county prosecutor assigned to the case discovery materials can include the complaint CDR – temporary or final restraining order police reports and witness statements.