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Government Insulation Grant - Grant Up To $1200 To Insulate Your Ceiling.

Insulation Grant - The Australian Government has allocated over $2.4 billion to insulate the estimated 2.9 millions
homes without ceiling or roof insulation in Australia. This grant is part of the governments stimulus package to
help the economy and at the same time help the environment and homeowners that are eligible take advantage
of the insulation grant.

Steps - To Obtain Insulation Grant / Rebate

1. Assess   - Your Eligibility for The Insulation Grant / Rebate
2. Review  - The Guidelines for Obtaining the Insulation Grant / Rebate
3. Quotes   - Select an Approved Insulation Installer to Provide You with an Insulation Quote
4. Book      - Select an Approved Insulation Installer to Install the Insulation in Your Home
Note: The installer will look after all the paper work and will directly request the payment of the grant of
up to $1200 directly from the government. In most cases the grant will cover the whole cost of insulation.
So you will effectively receive free roof insulation that will -
  • save you about $200 per year plus
  • improve the comfort of your home during summer and winter &
  • increase the value of your house and also
  • help the economy and the environment.

It is simply the best way you can help the environment and the economy whilst helping yourself!

We hope this guide assists you to better understand your insulation needs and how to take advantage
of the Governments Free $1200 Insulation Grant.

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