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Insulation - Council R-Value Requirements

R-value - Refers to performance of insulation in restricting the distribution of heat.
The higher the R-value means greater resistance to heat flow meaning cooler in summer or warmer in winter.

To be eligible for the Federal Government Insulation rebate you must meet Local Government insulation R- Values
Minimum R-Value for Insulating your home can be obtained through your local council.

As a rule of thumb the more extreme the local climate temperatures, whether hot or cold, the higher the R-Value required by the insulation product to meet local government regulations.

As a guide only - here are the approximate R-value requirements by location - please confirm actual R-value requirements with your local government. 

1 High humid summer, warm winter  3.0
2 Warm humid summer, mild winter  3.0
3 Hot dry summer, warm winter  3.0
4 Hot dry summer, cool winter  3.5
5 Warm temperate  3.5
6 Mild temperate  3.5
7 Cool temperate  4.0
8 Alpine4.0-4.8

 Climate Zones


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