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Reflective Insulation

Reflective foil Is currently banned from Government's Insulation Rebate Program -

If your home was insulated in reflective foil under the government rebate you are entitled to a free
Electrical Safety Inspection.

The government highly recommends you organise an
electrical contractor to inspect your home yo ensure the foil insulation has not caused any electrical faults. The electrical contractor will perform a comprehensive inspection of your homes electrical system and provide you with a written report on the safety of your homes electrical system. 

Reflective insulation, also called a radiant barrier, is a metallic foil material (usually aluminum) designed to block radiant heat transfer across open spaces. Reflective insulation is most effective at keeping building cool in hot, sunny climates.

Reflective Insulation works by providing a barrier to heat getting into house through the ceiling in summer and reducing the loss of heat from your home in winter.

Benefits Of Reflective Insulation

  • Light weight, very strong and easy to install
  • Moisture-proof - will not allow moisture to pass through in either direction
  • Eliminates condensation within the ceiling and walls when properly installed as a vapor barrier
  • Unaffected by humidity with lower moisture transfer and absorption rates than mass insulation - no mildew, mold or fungus growth
  • No significant mass to absorb and retain heat
  • No change thermal performance over time due to compaction, disintegration or moisture absorption - common concerns with mass insulation
  • Easier to install than fiberglass - can be stapled, nailed, glued or sewn
  • Not a nesting material for rodents, birds or insects
  • Non Toxic & Asthma Safe (approved by Australian Asthma Foundation)
  • The products comply with the Australian Building Code Requirements for fire safety

Drawback of Reflective Insulation

  • Not as effective in cooler climates as bulk insulation.
  • Costs more than fibreglass insulation
  • Dust can reduce effectiveness over time.
  • Can make it harder for electricians to later access wires.


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