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Polyester Insulation

POLYESTERPolyester Insulation is made out of polyester fibres including recycled plastic bottles.

Polyester is an excellent insulation product for DIY home renovators, particularly if you are likely to come into contact with it regularly (ie. open attic room) as it does not release fibre dust or irritate the skin as other insulation products can. 

Insulation - is essentially the same material used in many pillows and is often manufactured by the same companies. Polyester is a premium insulation product favoured by professionals, builders and developers for its' safe handling and long and effective life span.


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How Is Polyester Insulation Made?

Polyester Insulation involves melting the raw materials which includes recycled pvc bottles then spun rapidly and extruded out of small holes to form fibres. These fibres are bound together and shaped into batts.


Cost & Price of Polyester Insulation:

Polyester insulation is a premium insulation product and therefore is generally more expensive than fibreglass insulation. However if you are concerned about the safety and health of your home and also want the best in performance - Polyester is probably the best insulation product for you. The price of Polyester differs slightly between suppliers, manufacturers and quantity of your order but as a guide.

Product Supply Only Coverage Per Pkt Price /Pkt
R1.5 (430) 9.29 (16) $39
R1.5 (580) 12.4 (16) $53
R2.0 (430) 6.96 (12) $39
R2.0 (580) 9.30 (12) $51
R2.5 (430) 4.65 (8) $33
R2.5 (580) 6.20 (8) $47
R2.5 (430) x 90mm 3.4 (6) $59
R2.5 (580) x 90mm 4.60 (8) $80
R3.0 (430) 4.65 (8) $38
R3.0 (580) 6.20 (8) $52
R3.5 (430) 3.50 (6) $36
R3.5 (580) 4.65 (6) $48
R4.0 (430) 2.30 (4) $34
R4.0 (430) 3.10 (4) $46
ASAB 75 (430) 4.65 (8) $41
ASAB 75 (580) 6.20 (8) $55
ASAB 90 (430) 4.65 (8) $50
ASAB 90 (580) 6.20 (8) $68
FLOOR SEAL R1.5 450 x 10m (2) 9.00 ( 2 rolls) $46
FLOOR SEAL R2.0 450 x 10m (2) 9.00 ( 2 rolls) $64
Delivery approx $66 metro area


Polyester Insulation Manufacturers:

There are two Polyester Insulation Manufacturers in Australia

1) Tontine Polyester Insulation
- Tontine are the market leaders in Polyester Insulation in Australia and produce the highest quality of insulation for thermal and acoustic properties.
The thermal bonding process used to manufacture Tontine Polyester Thermal Insulation ensures that the fibres do not break down like some forms of bulk insulation that use chemical binders.

2) Autex Polyester Insulation - Autex is a New Zealand-based manufacturing and product development company specialising in advanced fibre technology including polyester insulation.

Environmental Issues:
The main environmental benefit of polyester insulation is that it is manufactured out of up to 70% recycled plastic bottles. On the downside the manufacturing process for polyester insulation requires a large amount of energy compared with some other insulation and so has a higher CO2 cost to the climate

Fire Resistance:
Polyester is fire resistant material - it requires quite high temperature to burn. However fires can still occur due to poor installation of Polyester particularly where batts cover down lights & ceiling fans which can cause them to overheat. As a result of a number of fires attributed to improperly installed insulation the Government now requires all down lights to be covered by approved covers.

Advantages of  Polyester Insulation:

  • Relatively easy to install if ceiling space is open
  • Made from recycled plastic - reducing landfill
  • Both Heating and Cooling properties
  • Excellent noise - Acoustic properties
  • Resistant to Fire & Insects
  • Does Not Shrink or effected by moisture
  • None allergy or irritant to asthma suffers
  • Long life span

 Disadvantages of Polyester Insulation:

  • More expensive compared to other insulation material
  • Higher CO2 cost of manufacturing than insulation like cellulose or natural wool
  • Can emit toxic fumes if burnt at very high temperature

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