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Natural Wool Insulation

Natural Wool Insulation - is a farmer friendly alternative to Fibreglass insulation - generally it cost more but as a natural fabric it does have some advantages over fibreglass insulation.

The main difference is that whilst other forms of insulation generally become less effective in moist climate wool's natural breathing properties and ability to trap moisture in without feeling wet - works a lot like how a heshen bag keeps water cool through evaporation.

Natural wool Insulation is generally made from a blend of natural wool and polyester.

Advantages of Wool Insulation

  • Reacts well to moisture
  • Natural fire resistance
  • Naturally renewable resource
  • Supports Australian farmers
  • Maintains its shape
  • Reduce mold on timber
  • Good Acoustic properties


Disadvantages of Wool Insulation

  • Generally costs more than fibreglass approximately double the cots of fibreglass

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