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Earthwool Insulation

Earthwool Insulation combines sand, one of the world’s most abundant and renewable resources sand with recycled bottle glass and ECOSE Technology to create Earthwool Batts.

How Is Earthwool Insulation Made?

Earthwool is made from highly resilient, inorganic glass fibres bonded by ECOSE® Technology, a revolutionary new
binder based on rapidly renewable bio-based materials rather than non-renewable petroleum-based binders
Earthwool  contains no phenol, formaldehyde, acrylics or artificial colours found in traditional glasswool insulation.

The result is an insulation product that looks and feels more natural.
> Naturally brown from sand with no dyes or bleaches added
> Does not use  formaldehyde or other petroleum based binders
> Soft to the touch 

Cost of Earthwool Insulation:

Earthwool insulation is a relatively new product in Australia but has been used widely around the world and is readily becoming the choice of insulation products for installers looking for a competitively priced product with a more natural manufacturing process and feel for installers.
The batts’ consistent quality, low dust, and
clean-cutting resilient wool makes installation fast..

Earthwool insulation is manufactured by Knauf.

Environmental Issues:
The main environmental benefit of Earthwool insulation is that it is manufactured predominantly from renewable resource of sand and recycled glass. ECOSE® Technology 

Fire Resistance:
Earthwool is one of the most resistant materials to fire - it requires extremely high temperature to burn. However fires can still occur due to poor installation where batts cover down lights & ceiling fans which can cause them to overheat.  Always ensure your insulation installed by a reputable insulation installer. 

Advantages of Earthwool Insulation: 

  • Relatively easy to install and softer to the touch
  • Both Heating and Cooling properties
  • Reduces noise - Acoustic properties
  • Resistant to Fire
  • Resistant to Insects & rodents
  • Does Not Shrink
  • No formaldehyde used in binding


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