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Insulation Rebates to Help The Economy.

Better for you, Better for Environment, Better for the Economy.

The Australian Governments $42 billion stimulus package has an allocation of some $2.7billion to be spent insulating the estimated 2.2 million homes in Australia without insulation.

The Insulation Rebates Will Help The Economy by;

  • Creating about 5000+ Jobs
  • Flow on to related industries.
  • Assist struggling farmers from the use of wool based insulation
  • Help Manufacturing as 90% of insulation materials are made in Australia
  • Save Home Owners $200+ in Energy Bills which may be used on purchases or reducing their debt

There is simply no better time to insulate your home.  Be warmer this winter and cooler next summer whilst you help the economy.
Help yourself by installing insulation in your roof today. With the average cost of insulating a 3 bedroom house at $1200 the governments insulation rebate of up to $1600  = free installation and insulation.




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